Creating better future with Midwives.

We are a new company creating a new supporting system for working women and family with the expertise of Midwives.


About our company

Thank you for visiting our homepage. With Midwife is a company to create supporting system for women, family and all life. Our company consists of Japanese midwives. We have met a lot of women and family who needed some help after leaving hospital. But now in Japan it is a little difficult for them to get enough support. The number of chirld birth is decreasing, nevertheless child abuse and depression after birth are increasing. We realized that such life could be helped not only medical but also Japanese midwife’s care. We, With Midwife, will make better future with midwifly expertise.

Our Mission

Creating  the future which every life without being left 

Do you know that 70% of death by abuse is babies under the age of one, or one five couple get infertility treatments. We wanted to see them before they getting struggle and to stand with them. The level of japanese medical is high, but we must not forget that there are a lot of life which could be helped before medical. We realize that we can support them to give midwives’ care because we know them from our experiences.



Family Strategy